Disabled friendly handrails

To build up handrails for getting in and out of the house easier this is a simple project, we can cut the tubing to size or install – email for a quote.

2016-08-14 10.55.58                   2016-08-14 10.54.10

What you Need

GALVANISED TUBE 6.4 meters long


132 Railing Base Flange [SC12]


Variable Elbow [SC05]


169 Swivel Wall Fixing -Base Swivel Combination [SC46] sc46


When you order the parts remember to make sure all the sizes are the same either

  • 25NB Tube needs 33.7mm-1″ Interclamp fittings
  • 32NB Tube needs 42.4mm-1 1/4″ Interclamp fittings
  • 40NB Tube needs 48.3mm-1 1/2″ Interclamp fittings