About Us

Welcome to Speed Clamp incorporated by Buckley Engineering Fabrications

These are Interclamp fitting that are compatable with KeeKlamp fittings and cheaper.

SpeedClamp fittings are a range of Ductile iron and steel fittings designed to make erecting handrails and building lightweight tubular structures fast and easy.
Using only simple hand tool, even complex configurations can be quickly erected.
Speed clamp fittings have a multitude of uses including
Handrails, Disabled Handrails, Guardrails, Security Cages, Polytunnels, Garment Racks, Exhibition Stands Frames, Storage Racks, Car Ports, Work Benches, Fruit Cages, Barriers Market Stalls, Tyre Racks, Cattle Pens, Green Houses, Canopies.